You are in a unknown town? You’ve had enough of wasting so much time looking up for events on Facebook? No more ! Thanks to the new Facebook app, called “Local”. 


Local is an app that takes care of choosing the best events around you (exposition, professional salons, plays…). In 2 or 3 clicks, Facebook plans your events just by looking up your social connections and your interests. How does Facebook do it? It simply combines different apps, such as, Yelp, Foursquare, Trip Advisor, so he can be aware of all the good plans around you. Local could become one of the most useful apps, since more than 86% of individuals use Facebook to find their events.

The app lets you know about which events are near you, but also about what kind of events your friends go to. Local makes up an all complete agenda for you, just by using the icon “Calendar” from your smartphone (evening plans with friends, visit to the museum, or a corporate event).

Now imagine if Local could also propose you to rent houses, lofts, or villas to organise YOUR own event. You need a gallery to put together an art exhibition? A loft, to give some cooking classes? Or a home cinema to project one of your productions? OneHouseStand is a platform that offers that service. Places for your wedding reception, unique spots in Brussels. Invite your friends via Local, so you can reach your entire community ! Local’s and OneHouseStand’s objective is to get people together, create unique moments, and lots of memories… It’s a new opportunity, to always have your events at your fingertips.

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