There are a lot of different type of venues you can choose for your events… Hotels, private rooms… How to choose the one that represents the most your concept ?
It has to be significant to you. These are 10 questions to ask yourself that’ll help you choose the best place !  


1. The location

First of all, it is important to define the location. Where do you want it to be ? In the centre or in the countryside ? It’s either a choice that comes naturally or to make it easier for your guests. If they have to commute, think of the connections around (public transportation). The place can be isolated and quiet, which gives a lovely atmosphere ! Or it can be a place in the centre, that is more likely to be noisy, but much more alive !

2. The capacity

Before choosing the place, make an approximation of the number of people that will be present. Because if you choose a spacious venue and several of your guests are not attending, the room will seem empty and cold. So check the capacity of the rooms and the number of guests coming to your event.

3. Indoors or outdoors

Choose where you want your event to take place: indoors or outdoors. Outdoors can be great and pleasant but you need to be aware of the weather. Provide the necessary equipment, just in case the weather changes.

4. Side rooms

Side rooms are a good thing when you need to create a different environment or do different activities. You can, for instance, organize an appetizer in one of the rooms and the dinner in another one.

5. Equipment and services

Make an inventory of the needed equipment for your event. If you need some technical equipment ask it to the venue manager (do they have electrical outlets etc…), so that you don’t get there without knowing (and panic).
The same goes for the caterer : ask for a kitchen or a room apart.
Also, if the majority of your guests drive there, look up for a private parking.
Be also aware if there’s enough space for the furniture !

6. The style and the theme of the space

The architecture and the decoration can make your guests travel into a real ambience, it’s a good opportunity to share a message and it makes the creative side of the event stand out.

7. Exclusive

To avoid misunderstandings, ask for more information about the space, are you allowed to decorate it ? In which room can you install the furniture ? Which one of the rooms are not accessible. For example, if you organise your event in a house, be careful of the private rooms (bedroom, bathroom etc…).

8. Set-up and disassembly

Define a time of set-up and disassembly in order to be well organised. Don’t do anything randomly. If you need to set-up tables, chairs, or some technical equipment do it 2 or 3 hours in advance !

9. Exclusivity

Think of the exclusivity of the place. Some of them cannot be exclusive, such as, hotels, restaurants, bars… So get information on the price of the place, if it has to be private and exclusive. Your guest will appreciate it much more.

10. The price

The price has to be one of the first things settled. After establishing a budget, you will be putting a part of it on the venue. You have to choose if you want to put more money on the location or on the activities…?


These are the 10 points to follow before choosing a place for your event. However, with OneHouseStand,  you can create your event in a few minutes. It provides unique and exclusive places, villas, lofts, houses…
All the information is there : availability, maximum number of guests, pictures of the places, 3D virtual tours, catering,  animations, and other important informations  such as parking, if you’re allowed to play loud music… Enjoy it !


Create a list based on the previous 10 points and choose the place that best matches the concept you visualise. Good luck !

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