Sometimes you need to make a presentation during your event. It can be in front of your team or an audience of 100 people. We always ask ourselves many questions… How do I begin ? Where should I put my hands ? Do I sound good ?
The presentation needs to be original so it can give a satisfying result. There are many things to know before making one, it’s not only about improvising and feeling confident. It’s about telling a story, raising topics that will intrigue your public. 

First of all, one thing is sure, is that you have already won their attention, because they are seated in front of you, waiting for you to start. But it often happens that they get distracted (by texting or talking to someone sitting next to them…) which can be disturbing. How can we avoid this situation ? 

We will see how we can keep that attention we had at first. How can we make sure that they understood your message ? Think of a passionate presentation that keeps them interested.


1. Presentation goal

You are the speaker, what is your final goal ? What message do you want to spread ?
It could be, for example, the advertising of your Startup or the promotion of a new product…

The second goal that you need to focus on is the satisfaction of your audience. They came here to listen to you. When they leave, your unique selling point must be clear to them. Make them believe in your project.

2. The public

It is important to be aware of who you are talking to so that they can fully understand what you are talking about. For example, if you express yourself in front of experts, the vocabulary you will be using will be different from the one you will use in front of beginners.

3. The idea

Once you know your goal and your public, it’s the moment to focus on the main idea. The main idea is what you want them to remember (a concept, a sentence or a quote… ). If you want people to  know about your startup, the message you want to share is that your concept is unique.

4. Make your presentation look good

How to connect with your audience emotionally ? You simply have to combine 3 elements: image, text, and speech. There are three types of people that assimilate information differently :

  • Visual : they seem to be intrigued by how the presentation looks, the images that are used and the colors of the shapes;
  • Auditory :  remembers the sounds and the music;
  • Kinesthesis : they give a lot of importance to the material and the sensations. The more your presentation looks and sounds good, the more you’ll win their attention. Be creative, use technology in presentation.


Finally, these are the last points to make a good impression :

  • Storytelling : telling a story parallel to your idea, what pushed you to make that speech;
  • The slides have to contain essential information through images and text;
  • Ask yourself questions ! This will make them think and get interested in the concept;
  • Express yourself : play with the rhythm, talk fast to add dynamism or slowly to give importance to the choice of your words;
  • Body language is a must, it reflects your confidence;
  • Be passionate : when we talk about a subject with passion the audience will tend to be more touched by your speech.

Don’t forget to practice as much as you can. When you know  your subject well, you will feel free to improvise.

If you need inspiration you can watch some of the TedTalks presentations. The speakers are often inspiring on the words they choose, their will to share their opinion and the content of their slides…









Good Luck !

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