It’s a fact : most of companies who are starting or already well set up want to attract customers. So one question remains : what are the best ways to attract customers in 2018 ? The “Event marketing” tend to be an answer to this question !

Event marketing” : what does it mean ?

It’s about organizing an event aiming at targeting customers in a place that corresponds to the image that the company wants to convey. Therefore, it’s important to aim a place that is in sync with the product/service proposed. The goals can be numerous : to attract more customers, to retain employees (team-buildings) or even to interest prospective investors.

There are different types of “Event marketing” :

  • Virtual events : with the augmented reality’s help (more on the subject here) combined with the internet’s platforms that enable not only to attract new customers worldwide but also to squeeze the costs !

The Virtual way is taking more place in the corporate world. And so are the events. There are lots of advantages. The virtual way of working enables people to manage better with the customers’ data but also, in the long term, to adopt more relevant strategies.

According to a study, 33% of companies have already tried a Virtual Event. Even though it’s still considered as a minority, we have to specify that these 33% who have already tested it are unanimous in thinking that they want to re-do it ! Thus, this percentage is only explained by the fact that the majority still hasn’t tried it !

  • Seminars : They’re hold in place that are chosen very specifically and that are said to be more “intimate” in order to share their products/services with some people who have some key-roles (investors, CEO’s,…). They don’t last more than a day.
  • Trade shows : Here, guests are all from different backgrounds. The aim is to attract the maximum of customers to make the company’s product/service more known. The press can be part of the guests.

The common point ? The place and experience are chosen meticulously !       

 The place is the new trend !

As it’s said in Le Vif magazine, nowadays customers want an experience. Consequently, it’s essential to mention 2 key-elements that lead to the success of the event :

The place

Why should we do something a simple way when we can do it in a simple AND original way?

It’s considered as wise to choose original places that will enable companies to outstand and to enter the 21th era. We can mention examples such as workshops, art galleries or even greenhouses !

Today the accent is put on the customer loyalty and that’s where original places can be a major criterion. If the place is out of the ordinary, people’s curiosity will be stirred up and that will lead to the effect of attracting more customers and a let a memorable impression ! It’s meaningless to specify that this impression will play a great role on creating a link between the customer and the company.


Of course, it’s important to mix different condiments to trigger the expected effect. Haven’t we ever heard that the time went faster when we participated to an activity, instead of being in front of someone who’s praising virtues of his products/services for hours ?

Again, the selection of the proposed activities is essential. Let’s not forget that the customer wants to take part in something and if a company desires the success of the experience, it’s important to be up-to-date to the different themes that attract today. Here are 2 examples :


Airbnb successes in differentiating itself thanks the “sharing” effect of apartments/houses/villas. Hosts and participants are attracted by the sustainable aspect of the initiative. So where is the link with the “Event marketing”?

The company have succeeded thanks to the sustainable aspect. To gain more customers that hires and that proposes housing, Airbnb has bet on the responsible tourism. The link lies in the fact that companies, to implement a good “Event marketing”, companies must be aware of the trends and always to catch interesting elements to incorporate them in their events.


Let us take the example of Ray-Ban which has implemented a large-scale “Dare of truth” game during the Sundance festival in 2009 to promote their new collection of glasses. If participants chose “Action” then that led to funny situations which have been recorded and published. If the action was well done, then the participants were received a pair of glasses for free. Soon everyone was talking about this game and the company succeeded to sell their new collection !

And how could be forget Glamour magazine which has realized his event marketing in March 2017 in partnership with Fiat to attract more subscribers to their magazine. Therefore, the following criteria were chosen :

  • Place : art gallery in London
  • Experience : setting up of make-up and fashion trainings
  • Outcome : more subscribers and more recognition in the marketeer’s world

The Glamour magazine has met the challenge ! The event was a success.

Today, more than yesterday, the marketing is taking more variable forms and it’s important to understand that shifts are occurring. The customer is no longer only “King” but also actor.

Following the breakthrough of new technologies, customers aspire to experiment more things that touch their 5 senses. The Event marketing is trying to be an answer to this new requirement. If the event takes place in a workshop, the prospective customer will feel the authenticity and above all the potential that a company has.


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