Today, it’s become easier to change jobs, whenever they want to. Some, already well settled in their jobs want to move into something new that’s more “attractive” or that’s more meaningful for them.

Who has never thought of completely changing jobs during his career ? Or who has never been forced to choose a job instead of following his dream ? And what if that new career was in the event planning ?


Excitation seems to be an important point : lots of people that are working in the event planning’s domain are unanimous in thinking that organizing an event provides an excitement’s feeling. “Once we’re on the roller coaster, it’s difficult to get off !

Working in the event planning, whether it’s as an event coordinator for a company or as a freelance wedding planner, that represents a big challenge and that provides an excitement. Everything must be perfect for the D-Day and for people who look for challenge, that gives them the excitement necessary to realize the best event !

Excitement is also linked with the fact that during each event, nothing is foreseeable. Every element changes, following different organizations : theme, place, music, requirements, catering,… These perpetual changes are an infinite source of creativity and that’s what attract lots of professionals in this domain !

Improved opportunities

It doesn’t matter what studies have been undertaken, if you also want to organize events, it’s possible ! The most important thing is to be able to prove yourself. In this example, we meet Kevin that has studied art history but, today he’s in charge of the organization of lots of concerts and he hires artists for the Francofolies.

We must specify that most of professionals in this domain are convinced by the fact that experience is very important, more than studies or jobs previously occupied ! Indeed, in the event planning, it’s essential to have gained experience from this kind of work. Otherwise, it’s difficult to have a real idea of the stress in the field and all questions related to the details that have to be settled.

Are there skills required ?

  • Be creative : it’s not the case of everyone but you have to become more creative. Be creative to various degrees means in terms of marketing, unusual places and/or original, animations, prospects, etc.
  • Keep a cool head : If you have to deal with lots of refusals while the fateful date is approaching, you must keep calm ! To learn how to plan events, you have to be able to cope with difficulties in order to keep one goal in mind : the event’s success.
  • A sense of organization : it’s not easy to keep an eye on everything but to organize events, there isn’t anything more important than to be able to manage details. Besides, this skill can really be boosted by the technology that is in constant improvement.
  • Use technology wisely : Apps  (ArrangeMySeat, Asana) and organizational programs are several and thereby, it’s smart, for an (future) event planner, to be able to juggle with all these novelties.

As an event planner, it’s important to be curious about novelties related to the event planning.

Did you know ?

  • Facebook has launched the “event” app in 2005. However, it’s today that the app gains attention ! Now, it puts together your agenda and events that are near you/which your friends are already part of it/ or pages that you like organize in order to propose you the most relevant ones considering your free time. (Find more details here).
  • WonderApp : a mobile app that enable participants to remain connected during the whole event ! It’s a new experience for your guests !
  • AgoraEvent : it’s an internet platform that centralizes all the data related to your event ! It enables to run all the data of the participants, create a new internet site especially dedicated for your event, or even to offer a budget simulation.

The key of everything : the motivation !

Skills are not necessary before starting this exciting job. Don’t be afraid to get started, to be motivated to gain experience and be creative are what matter. As explained in The Independant, an English newspaper, organizing events doesn’t go in hand with “partying”, it’s rather developing a community, representing his country or even traveling !

For example, still from the newspaper,  a professional has discovered her passion for the event planning when she got the chance to see the inner workings of the Olympics games’ organization in 2012, in London. It’s not about organizing a party, it’s all about organizing lifetime memories, for everybody, throughout the course of life.

Bonus : 6 skills needed to develop to become a good “Event planner”. Don’t hesitate anymore, meet your future career !


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