You may not see them when you organise your event in their house, but OneHouseStand‘s owners are what make the locations so special. We are happy to introduce you to Éric, owner of an amazing hôtel de maître in the center of Brussels.

Can you describe yourself in a few words? 

“My name is Éric, I have a strong passion for cinema. I am photographer and stage manager at the national theater. I am also a film historian.”

Could you tell us more about your house? 

“My hôtel de maître was built in 1856. It was owned by a renowned wine trader, then it was the headquarter of Gaumont. It is located in the old cinema district in the center of Brussels. I have worked in this neighbourhood, then I have lived there. Finally, I have decided to buy this house. This place consists of a carriage gate, a big terrace and huge rooms on two floors.”

Do you have an anecdote about your place? 

“In the XIXth century, horse carriages entered through the gate and parked on the terrace. Today, it is a space to have a great moment ; this house is evolving with the times while preserving its original style.”

What are the strengths of your house to host an event? 

“The strength of this hôtel de maître is the opportunity to create different ambiances in the rooms of the house. If guests enter through the carriage gate to go to the terrace, they have no idea of what’s in the other rooms and floors of the house. Thanks to the surface area and the ceiling height, it is possible to create several atmospheres. Surprise is at the corner!”

Which keywords would you use to describe your place?

“Spectacular, historic and sober.”

Why have you decided to put your house on OneHouseStand’s website?

“This place is a real gem and I wanted to introduce it to companies and individuals for their events. Thanks to OneHouseStand, I can show it to the world while earning money. It’s a real win-win situation!”

If a friend asked you how it goes with OneHouseStand, what would you say?

“OneHouseStand’s team is really professional, dynamic and fresh! I strongly recommend them.”

Three words to describe OneHouseStand? 

“Supportive, good follow-up and efficient.”

Would you recommend OneHouseStand to a friend?

“Of course, I already did it! I told them that I really like the concept which allows me to earn money by renting my house. Besides, I intend to put three other houses that I own on OneHouseStand’s website very soon! I am happy with the collaboration.”

How did the events organised with OneHouseStand go?

“I had the chance to host a very special event – the Casa Corona – in my house. We hosted several hundreds people every day. For a first event, I was very happy!”

♡ The team loves: the height of the ceilings, the mouldings, the hasps, the wrought-iron gates, the carriage gate.

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