You may not see them when you organise your event in their house, but OneHouseStand‘s owners are what make the locations so special. We are happy to introduce you to Sabine, owner of a beautiful villa in Lasne

Can you describe yourself in a few words? 

“My name is Sabine, I have three daughters and I am an interior decorator. I take care of people’s homes in Belgium and abroad, and I also work for hotels and restaurants. According to me, interior design plays a major role in the well-being of individuals. It is very important that my customers feel good inside their homes thanks to me.”

Could you tell us more about your home? 

“I live in this villa in Lasne, in a green area. It is a very nice house to live in with a pool and a charming garden. There is a big living room and an open kitchen. This incredibly cosy house is always open to my friends… They always feel like they are on holidays here !

Do you have an anecdote about your place? 

“This house was under construction for years and it was unoccupied. I decided to buy it in 2013 and renovate it. My neighbours were very happy that this place came to life again!”

What are the strengths of your home to host an event? 

“The living room is big and you can easily host 50 people. It is very cosy if you don’t have a lot of guests and, at the same time, very spacious if you have many… the space adapts itself according to the number of guests!
If an event occurs during summer, you can enjoy the terrace and the pool simply by opening a door in the kitchen or in the living room. During winter, it is pleasant to sit by the open fire.”

Which keywords would you use to describe your place?

“Exotic, friendly, practical”.

Why have you decided to put your house on OneHouseStand’s website?

“I find the concept very innovative! Event venues are so impersonal and expensive, OneHouseStand is on the other side of the spectrum! I am happy to increase my income by renting my house for events.”

How did the events organised with OneHouseStand go?

“Two events took place in my house: a shooting for a famous make-up company and a birthday for 40 people. When OneHouseStand called me to tell me about these two event requests, I mentioned that my house was available. Then, a OneHouseStand’s event manager came and I left home to go at my friend’s place. When I came back at the settled time, the event manager was waiting for me and my house was in a perfect state!”

Three words to describe OneHouseStand? 

“Dynamic, respectful, professional.”

The team loves: the black chandelier in the dining room, the wood palisades in the garden, the Mexican chairs.

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