You may not see them when you organise your event in their house, but OneHouseStand‘s owners are what make the locations so special. We are happy to introduce you to Brice, owner of this amazing loft in Brussels

Could you describe yourself in a few words? 

“My name is Brice and I live in this loft with my partner and our son. We are self-employed; we both have our shop in the centre of the city. After 20 years living in Place Sainte Catherine, we decided to look for a bigger and more animated place for our family. This is why we moved to the alhambra neighbourhood.”

Could you tell us more about your home? 

“Our home is a 250m2 two-floor loft which also has a 25m2 terrace. The main room of the loft is very stylish thanks to its exposed brick wall. The original façade of the building was conserved which makes this a unique location, especially considering that we are right in the heart of the city! In terms of design, we wanted to give the loft an ‘industrial’ look with elegant accessories. This is reflected in its gender-neutral, harmonious and convivial style. The loft’s decoration comes from our trips abroad and our visits to local shops.”

Do you have an anecdote about your place? 

“It used to be a cooperage in the 1880s because back then this area was dedicated to beer-making.”

What makes your home perfect to host an event?

“Definitely its beauty and location; our loft really is a hidden gem right in the centre of Brussels! The Velux and the big bay window also make it a bright, inspiring and creative space.”

Which three words would you use to describe your home?

“Bright, light and unexpected.”

Why did you decide to put your home on OneHouseStand’s website?

“A friend told us about OneHouseStand and we immediately knew that we would rent out our loft for events. Since we are not at home during the day, it is the perfect way for us to earn money while we are not around.”

Would you recommend OneHouseStand to a friend looking to rent out his/her home?

“Yes! I have already done so! We are thrilled to work with OneHouseStand. After only one week of our home being on their website, we already had a booking for an event: a photo shoot for the press agency WeShare.”

How did the events organised by OneHouseStand go?

“Everything went perfectly. We left our keys to the event manager who was there during the entire event; it was reassuring to know our place was in good hands. When we came back at the agreed time, our home was in perfect condition.”

Which three words would you use to describe OneHouseStand?

“High quality, professional and trendy.”

♡ The team loves: The toggle switches, the red brick wall with the white parquet floor, the windows inside the apartment.

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