You may not see them when you organise your event in their house, but OneHouseStand‘s owners are what make the locations so special. We are happy to introduce you to Maureen, owner of a beautiful house in Waterloo.

Could you describe yourself in a few words? 

“My name is Maureen and I am from Norway. I am married and I have three children of 33, 29 and 20 years old. I trained as an art historian and Egyptologist and I also studied sophrology.”

Could you tell us more about your home?

“The house is located in a residential area in Waterloo. There is a big hall, a kitchen and two living rooms with a view of the garden and the pool.”

What is the story behind your home?

“I grew up in this house with my family, and I left this place when I got married. Thirteen years ago, we came back here to live with my husband. We decided to renovate the kitchen and we chose its new style with our children. We also decided to build the pool.”

“Few weeks ago, we organised the civil marriage of my daughter, just like mine at the time! Our house is homy, full of laughters and happiness. We always feel like we are on vacation.”

Do you have an anecdote about your place? 

“My mom’s first partner was a Welsh Guards general. When I learnt that they were coming in Waterloo for the commemoration, I contacted this general explaining I was his ex partner’s daughter. The whole troop arrived into our house and we sang Welsh songs a capella with my family and 55 soldiers from the Welsh Guards… Surrealistic! This was an amazing tribute to my mother.”

Why did you decide to rent out your home for events on OneHouseStand?

“It has always been very important for me to have a lively house! When I heard about OneHouseStand, I thought it was a great idea to organise events inside my home, while earning money.”

Which words would you use to describe OneHouseStand?

“Professionalism and rigour. This house means the world to me. I know it is in good hands! The events with OneHouseStand went really good: we went out and a member of OneHouseStand’s team was there during the events. We came back home at the appointed time, everything was clean and tidy. We already lent our house to friends for parties, but I rather have an inventory and an insurance with OneHouseStand, that reassures me!”

♡ The team loves: The Petrof piano, the pool accessible from the living rooms and the kitchen island.


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