You may not see them when you organise your events in their house, but OneHouseStand‘s owners are what make the locations so special. We are happy to introduce you to Bruno & Amandine, owners of a beautiful greenhouse in Rosières

Could you describe yourself in a few words? 

Bruno : “I am a proud parent of 3 children and 2 grand children. I have been the owner of this property for 10 years, but it’s my daughter, Amandine, who lives here. I have worked in the real estate industry during most of my career. I am passionate by architecture, nature and permaculture.”

Amandine : “I come from Brussels. I felt in love with this place several years ago, so I decided to live here and enjoy the calm and the nature. My business training led me to the event sector, I really love to make my customers’ dreams possible. I work with my dad, it is a unique experience to work with my family.”

Could you tell us more about your home? 

Amandine : “Our property extends on 1ha of land. There is an access to the road that leads to the house and the greenhouse which has a capacity of 80 people for events.”

Do you remember the day you visited this place for the first time?

Bruno : “How can I forget it! I have been charmed by the garden before the house. As a nature lover, I had a real crush for these century-old trees. I remembered that I felt somewhere else, only 15 minutes away from Brussels. I directly knew that this property will become a cosy and warm place.”

Amandine : “The greenhouse is what struck me the most! It was simply magical.”

What are your plans for your home?

Bruno : “Our idea is to create a permaculture project inside the property. We want to put nature at the centre of this house while continuing to rent out the greenhouse and the house for events.

Do you have an anecdote about your place? 

Bruno : “This greenhouse had to be renovated. The first step was to restore its nobility. Thanks to two greenhouse specialists, we replaced 2000 windows, a part of the frame, we sanded the ironwork and put anti-rust paint. The second step was the disbursement of the greenhouse, it means the lowering of the ground level of 1 meter. Now, we can walk inside the greenhouse with a very pleasant high celling.”

What makes your home perfect to host an event?

Amandine : “I like the idea that you don’t know what to expect when you look to the house from the street. The environment is amazing, with the greenhouse and the house inside this beautiful nature. There is no counterpart. Our house is close from Brussels and the highway, very easy to access.”

Bruno : “This place is enchanting and family-friendly. It is easy to organise dinners with a big table inside the greenhouse… It is very convivial!”

Why did you decide to put your home on OneHouseStand?

Bruno : “Since the beginning, our wish was to create a lively place with amazing events! OneHouseStand is a great way to reach this goal.”

Would you recommend OneHouseStand to a friend looking to rent out his home?

Bruno : “Of course! We already had one reservation for an event the day after we decided to put our home on OneHoueStand. This is very encouraging.”

Three words you would use to describe OneHouseStand?

Bruno & Amandine : “Professionalism, rigour and sympathy.”

♡ The team loves: The greenhouse ground made of peach pits, the kitchen island in wood and Innox, the garden that extends around the greenhouse and the house.

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