2018 is about to end and you want to find the perfect spot to celebrate with your family, friends and colleagues. Your requirements: an exclusive space that makes you feel just like home. Well, we’ve got you covered. Choose among these top 10 places below and create the best memories during the last days of the year.

Inside Christophe’s barn in La Hulpe

Christophe, the owner, renovated this barn with an industrial style while keeping its authentic look. The bar is exactly what you need for a cosy but yet fancy moment.

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Inside Eric’s hotel de maître in Brussels

Looking for a space full of history? This impressive house is located in the old cinema district. Sound ideal if you are planning to host a theme party.

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Inside Cécile & Michel’s greenhouse in Hoeilaart

If you like greenhouses as much as we do, you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can rent this fantastic place for a Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Eve party. In case you’re wondering, there is a wood stove inside the greenhouse to stay warm all night.

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Inside Alexandra’s basement in Schaerbeek

You get this magical feeling when you walk inside Alexandra’s place: bricks, floor, lights… Your party will be unforgettable !

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Inside Véronique & Bernard’s showroom in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

What about a showroom for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner? This 850m2 space is very modern and decorated with style. The best part: the first floor has a big terrace. Enjoy!

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Inside Zita’s house in Ixelles

What about organising a cooking class or a live cooking moment for your holidays parties? Zita’s house is the perfect place for a cosy dinner with friends or colleagues thanks to the big table in the kitchen.

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Inside Nathalie’s loft in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Inspired by the 1960s in New York, this loft is a real piece of art. The roof window makes the whole place feel bigger and very bright. This space is very comfortable to have a delightful moment with the people you love.

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Inside Olivier’s house in Uccle

Classic style lover: have a look at Olivier’s house. In the prestigious Prince d’Orange area, this home has the perfect finishes characterised above all by attention to detail. What a classy way to close the 2018 chapter.

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Inside Hanne’s loft in Anderlecht

Chill mode: activated. Hanne’s loft is a polyvalent place that you can adapt very easily. We can imagine a great family game night or a relaxed walking dinner with friends or colleagues.

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Inside Nathalie’s house in Ixelles

This house was created in the 20s by the architect Jean Hendricks. What we love about it: you can create different atmospheres inside the different rooms – corporate, friendly or super cosy. Another bonus point for the location, next to Ixelles’ Ponds.

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