Are you a host on OneHouseStand and do you want to increase your bookings?
Here are 6 tips to make the most of your venue with OneHouseStand!

1. Offer an attractive price

Spaces that are referenced on OneHouseStand have 2 prices: the hourly price -a minimum of 3 hours of rental- and an optional daily price for bookings of more than 7 hours. When you joined the platform, our team made you a pricing suggestion based on several dozen criteria. However, you are the one choosing the prices for your venue. If you decided to choose a higher price than the one suggested by OneHouseStand or if you want your space to become even more competitive, we advise you to read the following:

The hourly price

The hourly price is one of the key elements for our customers. A low hourly price will make your space more competitive and attractive. The best sellers places on OneHouseStand earn on average more than 3000€/month: their low hourly price allows them to have a high frequency of rental.

The daily price

In addition to having a competitive hourly price, OneHouseStand’s best seller places systematically offer a daily price. The daily price is the maximum you can earn for a rental, on average 7 x the hourly price. This means that if you rent your place for 60€/hour, your daily price will be 60€ x 7 = 420€ for a rental of 7 hours or more. The daily price increases your chances of bookings because it is very interesting for customers who have long-lasting events or who need a lot of time to set everything up and to clean up afterward.

2. Share the link of your space with your network

Social media are powerful tools to make your acquaintances discover your space. In 2018, nearly 30% of the rentals on OneHouseStand came from a link shared by a OneHouseStand owner on social media… Impressive! Here is an example of an owner who has perfectly led his campaign on social media and that helped him to become one of the best sellers on OneHouseStand in 2018:

Here is the text if you want to copy-paste it: “Hello everybody, I would like to invite you to discover my house on OneHouseStand! You can rent it if you want to organise a corporate or a private event! Do not hesitate to like & share this post so your friends can discover it as well!”

We asked owners of the best seller places how they act on social media. The answer was very simple: they regularly share the link of their space on OneHouseStand on social networks. Just like them, create a buzz in your community by sharing the link to your venue (URL) on social media: Facebook (2 billion users), LinkedIn (610 million users), Twitter (330 million users) and Instagram (1 billion users). In addition to sharing your venue on social media, we advise you to send a private message to your contacts as well, for example :

Here is the text if you want to copy-paste it: “Hello Marie! I’m sending you this private message because I am now renting out my house via OneHouseStand, a platform that allows you to rent exclusive venues for private and professional events 🙂 Do not hesitate to go have a look at it and share it to your network! It would be very helpful 🙂 Thank you very much!”

The power of our network is surprising! If you ask your contacts to share the link of your venue with their contacts, there is a direct benefit for you: visibility. There is also an indirect benefit: your friends’ friends will discover your place and other places they like. So, when an owner shares about his space, the entire OneHouseStand owner community benefits from it!

It is very easy to make your space known to your network through sharing. In just a few seconds, your post can be shared and shared again several times, and reach multiple networks. This “snowball” effect is an extremely simple technique that will guarantee optimal visibility for your place!

3. Be reactive

Every day, OneHouseStand’s team receives several dozen requests for events. Very often, the customer has a crush on several venues: that’s why the owner that answers the quickest will have the best chances to get picked by the client! Don’t forget to inform OneHouseStand of any change in contact details so that we can send you all requests as quickly as possible.

4. Focus on the visit

OneHouseStand’s customers now have the opportunity to visit the venues. You are free to accept it or not, but we highly recommend it. According to our statistics, a customer who visits a place will be 3 times more likely to book it!

A few tips to make your visit a success as a professional:

  • Be punctual and do not change the appointment details with the customer;
  • Present a clean and tidy space, as if you were inviting your own guests;
  • Feel free to punctuate your visit with a few anecdotes on your space. Remember that OneHouseStand’s customers are looking for unusual places with a history! 
  • Once the visit is completed, our team will get back to you to inform you of the customer’s decision.

5. Become a 5-star owner

After each event, customers now have the option to leave a comment and a rating from 1 to 5 stars, which appear on our website below every venue. Positive feedbacks will influence other customers and will very likely increase your chances to book your space for future events! So, be a perfect host:

  • Be present at the time agreed with OneHouseStand to open the doors of your place to our manager on the day of the event;
  • Leave a clean and tidy space, as if you were inviting your own guests;
  • Respect the spaces privatised by customers: you do not have access to them during the event;
  • Respect the event briefing instructions established in advance with OneHouseStand.

Make sure to notify OneHouseStand’s team if significant changes (work) or lighter changes (equipment or furniture changes) are made to your space. Indeed, customers expect a place similar to the one presented on the website… We try and avoid the element of surprise as much as possible!

6. Be flexible

Our last piece of advice is to be flexible, as much as possible, of course. For example:

  • If the maximum rental time displayed on the page of your venue is 6:00 pm, you will, unfortunately, have more difficulties to rent out your place, because all events taking place or ending in the evening will be excluded;
  • If you do not allow professional caterers to access to your kitchen, it will be an additional cost for the customer, who then may prefer a place with a kitchen at their disposal;
  • The capacity of a venue, meaning the maximum number of participants that a venue can accommodate, is crucial for OneHouseStand customers. Indeed, when searching for a venue, the number of guests the client can invite will be, amongst other things, of influence in his/her choice. When referencing your space, our team suggests a maximum number of participants that your place can host during an event. Our objective is not to overload a place but to be able to optimise the available space while preserving the comfort of the guests. If your venue can safely accommodate 50 people, it will not be possible to accommodate 60, but it would be a pity to limit this number to 20, as you would automatically fall out the search results for events with more than 20 people;
  • You have the option to refuse requests for events in your location. However, if you want to increase bookings, we advise you to remain flexible because if you refuse too many requests, there will be fewer recommendations on the platform, and therefore it’ll be less requested by our customers.

Greater flexibility will make you stand out!

If you would like to organise an advising session regarding your location on OneHouseStand, please send an email to

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